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Quality Control vs Quality Assurance: What’s the Difference

QA teams train workers on the steps to follow to ensure quality is maintained across all levels. Training is provided in manual testing, automation testing, and testing in different environments and production sectors. By focusing on development or manufacturing processes, QA helps your company to establish customer confidence. Unlike quality control, quality assurance does this indirectly and doesn’t focus on the outcomes of individual products. Quality management is the process of monitoring and managing the quality of a company’s services and products to ensure that they fulfill requirements and meet customers' needs.

Without QA and QC, attaining the same level of quality will be difficult as you don’t have a system in place to measure what works. Of course, when customers can’t be confident in getting the same quality from you every time, they go somewhere else. Having QA and QC teams mean adequate feedback is given to the appropriate production team to maintain quality.

Process Analysis

The continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline is a quality assurance hallmark, as it ensures several benefits, such as a stable architecture, a rapid feedback cycle, and more. On the other hand, quality control monitors that these stipulations are carried out correctly—that the resulting software is satisfactory and fulfills quality requirements. Consequently, an essential task in quality control is detecting such errors and, perhaps even more crucially, triaging them. In addition to such documentation, quality assurance also utilizes project management frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, etc.

what is quality assurance vs quality control

Quality assurance and quality control processes and procedures can both be applied in almost any industry. So long as your aim is to have and meet high-quality standards in your work environment, you can use these principles. A quality control plan is a document that provides processes and defines milestones in production where products or services are inspected to ensure they are meeting specifications. Some of the popular quality assurance approaches are explained below. These processes help ensure that the product meets the customer’s needs, that quality requirements will be fulfilled, and that the product will be made right every time.

The Benefits of Quality Control

Quality control gives confidence that a product or service has met requirements by designing a quality system with checks and an inspection regime to achieve this end. We’ve discussed that QA Quality assurance vs. Quality control and QC are not the same thing and should not be used interchangeably. For instance, say you’ve defined the procedures, or the methods for the product according to standards as a QA activity.

  • The two teams should constantly communicate, exchange experience and insights, participate in shared meetings, and talk to stakeholders.
  • QA establishes policies and procedures that affect the entire organization.
  • Flow charts are used to help employees and organizations understand the finite details of a process and obtain a thorough description of the process it is being applied to.
  • Our QA and QC teams work on the same management boards, participate together in meetings, and are always kept in the loop.
  • Your QC team ensures that any defect discovered will not get to your customer.
  • But when there is no one to check for quality, record improvements, and identify errors, there’ll be little improvement as it’ll be difficult to tell what is working and what isn’t.

For QC, work starts after QA is done with defining the processes and the production process has ended. QC deals with the end product and focuses on verifying whether the final product https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ meets all quality standards. Quality Assurance consists of a series of activities carried out by the organization’s QMS in order to confirm the product meets quality standards.

Quality Assurance vs Quality Control – Difference Between Them

Quality assurance and quality control teams perform different roles in quality management but they must work together. QA teams optimize processes and prevent long-term and repetitive issues. QC teams resolve short-term problems and provide feedback to the QA team.

what is quality assurance vs quality control

Get in touch to receive a consultation on your product testing strategy. We are open to sharing our experience and methodologies – feel free to reach out to our QA and QC experts for details. This means being engaged in standups and team meetings early on, constantly communicating with stakeholders, reviewing competitors, etc. Quality Control starts at the later development stages once there are ready pieces of functionality.

Ways to Improve and Optimize Your QA Process

Qualio manages and generates documentation while performing continuous testing to ensure everything is in working order. Despite the shared aim of high-quality software, the two have very different characteristics. Component or unit testing assesses each unit individually and is usually performed during early development. Such written regulations are hugely helpful, as employees can directly compare procedures with suggested recommendations. As part of this endeavor, there must be a clearly-defined quality ideal.

what is quality assurance vs quality control

However, quality assurance should happen across all departments. To summarize, quality assurance focuses on the process, whereas quality control is centered on the product. By categorizing these issues, quality control establishes an organized approach to improving software quality.

Difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control:

We’ll review quality assurance and quality control meanings, definitions, acronyms and processes and then compare quality assurance vs quality control. Quality Assurance is popularly known as QA Testing, is defined as an activity to ensure that an organization is providing the best possible product or service to customers. Quality Assurance and Quality Control are related to each other, but they are originated based on different needs.

what is quality assurance vs quality control

Any defect that is spotted by the QC team will be communicated to the QA department and strategies will be devised to prevent it from reoccurring in the future. Part of the role of QA is to plan and design a sort of roadmap that includes everything that employees need to know and do to create high-quality products. This includes defining and documenting the policies, processes, and procedures that all employees need to follow to create high-quality products. It also should include things like product design standards, packaging, manufacturing, coding, assembly, distribution, sales—anything that should be included in the creation of the product.

What is quality assurance?

A different quality control program collects samples less frequently for sensory analysis to ensure the meals taste well. For instance, quality control might need to consider client grievances about product safety issues. For instance, to guarantee customer safety, quality assurance must examine if the labeling of a food product covers all of its contents and allergy cautions.

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